The Journey of


PAH! THE GAME! started out with a humble idea and cheesy art. Jason wanted to create a game that embraced his love of games and the love of his childhood, which was full of memories of the deaf community playing card games raucously around the table. After determining what kind of game PAH! THE GAME! was going to be, Jason quickly designed a prototype in less than 24 hours, AND IT SHOWED. The prototype played well and led to further development. 


Jason desired this particular project to be special, incorporating talented individuals from the deaf community in the design and development of the game, as well as gaining feedback and polling the deaf community to incorporate their preferences in the game's artistic direction.  The first step in this journey  involved finding an artist to update the look of the game. 

After months of searching for a talented deaf artist, and failing to locate one despite many emails and attempts to connect with various well-known artists, an introduction was made to consider an artist who was not as well-known. Gener De Vera came on board as our artist with sketches galore, making it fun to think of all the possibilities. First, we started with the cover ideas for our Pah! Guy and had several variations available to be voted on via our Facebook page. Below are the two sheets voted between. Can you guess which design won?

Next up, was the star of the game, the hands. We needed to come up with the most pleasing hands to grace paper, so it could be easily read when cards are flying fast. Gener, again, did not disappoint. He sent us 12 more possibilities. We also put this to a vote and incorporated feedback from hundreds of invested participants. There were three very popular choices, but ultimately the winner was chosen. The comments from these polls were hilarious and ensured there were going to be a lot of people who were excited for when this project would finally be published and they could play!


After picking PAH! Guy and hand-style, we needed to figure out which hand position for PAH! THE GAME! was the most clearly understood. So, another POLL. 

The two hands here were the final hurdle to see which Pah! sign position would be used.  

From this point forward, it was time to work on the way to bring it all together. There were many back and forth emails and images shared to get on the same page of how our final artwork would look. Gener was amazing to work with. He always took my feedback, ideas, and added his art knowledge.

Gener took my notes and ran with it, achieving spectacular results! People who voted were given samples of the artwork and we began to see the updated look for PAH! THE GAME!

Now that we had what was the front of the card, we had to work on the background. This was by far the hardest part to try and envision. There was no obvious theme, so it almost was a random let's try anything approach. 


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